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      Maui Activities - Enjoy Maui's rainforests while challenging yourself by rappelling down beautiful waterfalls! The owners of Rappel Maui have been exploring the major canyons and waterfalls of Maui for decades. Using their experience, they became the first rappelling tour company on Maui....


    Rappel Maui

    Maui Activities - Enjoy Maui's rainforests while challenging yourself by rappelling down beautiful waterfalls! The owners of Rappel Maui have been exploring the major canyons and waterfalls of Maui for decades. Using their experience, they became the first rappelling tour company on Maui. In order to do it right, they called on expert Dave Black who has more than fourty years in canyoneering, ice climbing, and rock climbing. What makes this tour even more exciting is the location. You will be hiking and rappelling in a privately-owned valley that is far from the busy crowds and featuring two beautiful waterfalls for rappelling and two beautiful pools for swimming. Rappel Maui offers you the opportunity to see a side of Maui not often seen.

    "Exhilarating... an adrenaline rush!"
    Audrina Patridge - NBC's Show "First Look"

    * Beginners to Advanced Rappellers welcome!
    * Walk on the wild side" down rocks and waterfalls
    * Privately owned valley for ultimate fun and privacy
    * 26-Acre botanical garden & waterfalls
    * Hiking, Swimming & rappelling combined in 1 fun activity!
    * Walk down a wall of water and rocks into a rainforest canyon
    * Non-rappellers can hike, swim and watch
    * Guided tour to awesome spot located half way to Hana
    * Top notch 
    Days, Times & Location:
    Daily 8am & 11:45am

    Meeting location: Garden of Eden 10600 Hana Highway
    Duration: 3-3.5 hours

    Enjoy this awesome 3-3.5 hour adventure, which combines hiking, swimming and rappelling, all under the guidance and direction of a well trained guide. Whether you are an expert at rappelling or this is just one of those activities you have always wanted to try, Rappel Maui offers an unique and "off-the-beaten-path" rappelling tour that will most likely be the highlight of your Maui vacation! You will be rappelling in a privately owned valley located about half way to Hana.  It's a beautiful location which will make for the perfect combination of thrill and wonder.  This is by far one of Maui's boldest and most genuine adventures, not available anywhere else on our island.
    A Summary of your Adventure:
    * Take a beautiful drive on Hana Highway
    * Arrive at your destination: A 26-acre botanical garden (Garden of Eden)
    * Take a short half-mile hike into a private valley
    * Get trained: For your first try, you'll learn and practice on a high ridge overlooking the valley
    * 60-foot dry jungle wall
    * 50-foot waterfall rappel into a large freshwater pool
    * 30-foot falls, for a bit more challenge    

    No pregnant participants
    Minimum Weight: 70 lbs  Maximum weight: 250 lbs

    Minimum Waist Size: 22" Maximum Waist Size: 48"
    Must be 10 years old and up
    Hiker-Observers MUST be able to HIKE 2x-3x as much as rappellers 

    IMPORTANT: Gratuity is NOT included and MUCH appreciated by your guides. Non-Private groups of 8 MUST pre-pay $250 gratuity. 
    Private parties have inclusive all gratuities.

    HOW SAFE IS THIS? Manager Dave Black says, "I've been doing this for 45 years and haven't been hurt yet. No one's done statistical or professional studies on rappelling in this environment, but, if you do it right, which we do, then risks are minimal. You'll probably get scraped and banged up a bit, but nothing serious. It's all part of an adventure in the wild."
    EQUIPMENT AND SAFETY - You equipment has been specially designed for the rigors of this sport. All gear meets or exceeds industry standards for strength and durability. The ropes you'll be using, for instance, are rated to 6000 pounds, while the karabiners hold up to 5000 pounds. And, of course, it is all maintained in top condition because, as you might guess, your instructors use the same equipment as you.  Your rope will be attached to three anchors, not one. It's a fail-safe back-up system with each anchor sharing the load. Most anchors are bolts embedded in rock. If one anchor lets loose (unheard of), then the rope still has two safe anchors. 
    GEAR UP!  You'll gear up like a pro: canyoneering backpack, helmet, harness, locking karabiners, safety lanyard (cow's tail), rappelling device. Your harness fits waist sizes from 22 to 54 inches -- step in it, cinch it tight, learn to lock the karabiners and discover how the rappelling device slows or brakes your speed.
    WHAT TO WEAR - You will get to wear your own clothes or swim wear (shorts or quick-drying pants; no bikinis, please) and Rappel Maui's water shoes throughout, as their soles stick to wet rocks like none other.
    PRACTICE RUN - You'll get to hike up with your guides to the top of the ridge to do a practice run on the 60-foot dry, jungle drop. It's an easy place to learn techniques and gain confidence.
    WHAT IF I GO TOO FAST DOWN THE ROPE? You won't. You have a thick rope (10.5 to 11 mm) through your rappelling device to ensure slow, controlled descents. Once you get the hang of it, you can speed up, but you start out slowly, then learn as you go to descend with ease. 
    HOW DO I BRAKE DURING DESCENT? Your dominant hand controls the rope as it moves through the rappel device. You "let up" to descend and you cinch the rope in the device to stop yourself. It's intuitive, and we also teach you well. 
    WHAT IF I SLIP OR FALL? You can catch yourself with your rope and your braking skills, and your guides are also "on it". One guide watches you from the top, while the other guide stands below with a hand loosely holding your rope. If you slip, the bottom guide does a "fireman's belay" by tightening your rope from below, effectively braking you in place until you get your footing.
    CAN YOU GET ME DOWN IF I FREEZE UP? It's rare to have a client we cannot talk down. But, yes, we can either lower you down or pull you back up. We have two guides with their eyes on you at all times. 
    WHAT IF I'M NOT A GOOD SWIMMER? You wear a PDF - personal flotation device. It's a life jacket vest that keeps you afloat.
    WHAT ABOUT HIGH WATER OR FLASH FLOODS? Rappel Maui won't rappel waterfalls in high water, ever! Instead, they will do three jungle drops, of 60, 100 and 115 feet. Their guides keenly watch the weather, both on the internet beforehand and on site.
    HOW CAN I KEEP SAFE? Trust your guides. Keep your focus. Know you can do it, because you can.

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